Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday and are looking forward to getting back to Cambridge Glee! We’re looking forward to seeing you again and getting back to it! 

See you on the 9th! Registration from 6:30 to 7:00 and then we’ll get to it! Bring your actors’ hats as well as your voices!

A New Choir for Adults!

Cambridge Glee Music Association is so very excited to announce a new choir for adults!
Over 18? You are welcome to register, with no experience necessary! So come join us and shine on stage!
All you need is a love of music! The purpose is for us all to sing in harmony – some simple, some more complex, and give our inner singers an opportunity to shine!
The term runs from September 6th until our annual Rock December performance on Dec. 17th. Registration fee is $15, rehearsal shirts cost $10 and term fee is $40 per month. Check out our page for full details!
Send us an email or call to register!