Music & Performance

A Gift of Music

Performance takes practice, and throughout each term the Cambridge Glee singers have the opportunity to perform at a variety of local functions, festivals, guest appearances and collaboration with other local arts groups to lean and refine their performance skills!

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Cambridge Glee welcomes musical tastes of every kind! We perform radio favorites, pop songs, rock ‘n roll, indie and alternative, Broadway, rap, folk style, operatic, you name it! We also perform original music by local artists and our very own Glee Singers! Cambridge Glee formally takes suggestions from the choir members at the beginning and end of each term. During the term, members are encouraged to discuss music and bands that they love and share the music with each other.

Cambridge Glee, we spans a range of ages, and we welcome family members and friends into our audiences. With this in mind, Cambridge Glee chooses it’s performance pieces based on suitability for age and audience, music that means something important to the singers and, most important of all: that it’s uplifting, supportive, and inclusive!

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