Cambridge Glee Board of Directors

GOur Board of Directors are an experienced, enthusiastic group of people who are parents and members of the community. The Board of Directors goals to maintain the focus of our mission.

We are dedicated to the intention of making a positive difference in the lives of young people and blossoming artists in the Cambridge community. Using the music that they love, we create a safe and encouraging place for young artists to explore the uplifting world of the performing arts! Performance can be a fun and creative way to learn about teamwork, technique, presentation skills and self-confidence!

Some examples of the kinds of decisions made by the Glee Board are: the theme of each show, how and for what reason we fundraise, and all governing matters. Cambridge Glee’s actions and events must go through the Glee Board for approval. As a parent, it is a wonderful way to have a voice and get involved with a musical arts program designed to uplift and celebrate kids for who they are!  Cambridge is a fascinating community with bold artistic people and ideas.  As a contributing member of the community, the Glee Board is a new and exciting way to participate in Cambridge’s growing musical and performing arts scene!

If you are interested in holding a position on the Board of Directors, please let us know! Contact us, and we’ll give you the date of our next meeting. We would be glad to see you there!

Current members of the Board of Directors:

President – Vanessa Meal

Secretary  –   Carolyn Lambert

Treasurer – Joan Amodeo

Marketing Director – James Moxon

Members at Large – Sharon Idoine, Eva Meal

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