Monday night rehearsals are held at: Stewart Ave Public School.

145 Stewart Avenue, Cambridge

Rockin’ Monday Rehearsals:     6:30pm to 8:30pm

Each chorister will be issued a rehearsal and performance schedule at the 1st Rockin’ Monday Rehearsal and that will be updated as performance opportunities are added.

We stress that it is important to be at every rehearsal. The vocal and choreography aspects of a performance choir are such that every member is vital to the whole. If one individual is not present, it impacts the whole group. Cambridge Glee has instituted a rule that you must be present at three consecutive rehearsals before a performance, in order to take part in that performance.


The key word for behaviour at any Cambridge Glee function is RESPECT. That means self-respect and respect for the physical and emotional well being of others. It also means respect for the property where we rehearse and perform. We have do not tolerate mean spirited prejudice or abuse of any kind, be it verbal, emotional, racial, sexist, physical, or property damage. Each chorister will sign a behaviour contract agreeing to our code of conduct.


There is parking lot behind Stewart Avenue that can be accessed through a driveway at the side of the school. Please be advised that both the school and theatre doors lock, so please call the Rehearsal Phone number provided at registration if you need to contact us during rehearsals.


A non-refundable $50 registration fee and the participation cost is $300 per term. The first term fee is due at the beginning of September. The second term fee is due in mid January. During the term, if a chorister decides not to continue with Cambridge Glee, the fee is not refundable in whole or in part.

If you have siblings in Cambridge Glee, the cost for the first child is $300 and the cost for the second siblings is $230. For the third (or more) sibling, the cost is $150.


It is the intention of Cambridge Glee to keep these costs to a minimum. Each performer must purchase one t-shirt with the Cambridge Glee logo at a cost of $20 per show.

For performances, each performer will require matte black pants with no decoration. These pants must be long and loose (not stretchy) to allow free and active movement. Also, matte black soft-soled shoes & socks with no decoration.


Cambridge Glee will create pieces for small groups or soloists which may be at Stewart Ave P.S. or put together separately at the artistic director’s ‘Mallory’s Music Room’.


Cambridge Glee schedules two performances per year at the Cambridge Arts Theatre (formerly Galt Little Theatre) at 47 Water Street South, Galt in Cambridge. Additional performances will be added to the schedule and Upcoming Performances page as arrangements are made.

Tickets for the performances at the Cambridge Arts Theatre are:

In advance –  $20 for adults and $15 for students/seniors

At the door – $25 for adults and $2 for students/seniors.

Please note that all necessary forms, fees and attendance issues must be up to date to ensue participation in performances.



For those choristers who are under 18 years old, it is Cambridge Glee policy that all Cambridge Glee Music Association information be sent to the e-mail/snail mail of the parents or legal guardian, as well as the performers’ personal e-mail, if they have one.

The Staff of Cambridge Glee is committed to keeping an open communication between parents/ guardians for the overall well being of the choristers. We encourage you to contact us. Our first concern is that we are providing a safe, positive experience for our young people.


The subject of raising funds can raise stress levels for parents and guardians! Cambridge Glee is interested in making this feel more like fun and less like a chore for everyone concerned. CGMA is committed to transparency, and we fundraise for specific purposes, such as headset microphones for each performer, special costuming/set or performance space . We also hold periodic draws and hope to hold other types of fundraisers, like local, live performances. If you have any ideas, we are open to suggestions so don’t hesitate to phone or e-mail!


Cambridge Glee does not have a formal newsletter that clutters your email or your home on wasteful paper. For news, rehearsal reminders, schedule corrections, changes and upcoming event information check out our News, Updates & Posts page!


We encourage the integration of artistic mediums in practice and in live performance. Photos and videos of the singers are often used on the website, in slideshows, recordings of rehearsals and performance and social media. It  It is necessary to sign the Cambridge Glee Media Release Form to be included in media projects.

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