Partners in Art

Musical Collaboration

Band Photo

The Cambridge Glee choirs annual summer and winter shows feature musical performances by a group of very talented musicians. Their live performances truly bring the music to life! Originally assembled by our Musical Director Pat Chan, the self-titled Glee Band members include: Pat Chan on Keyboard & Lead Guitar, Carolyn Lambert on Keyboard, James Burmaster on Bass Guitar and Trevor Moore on Drums. The Cambridge Glee Music Association believe that it is important to include live musicians, both for the benefit of the overall sound of the live music, but also for the learning experience of musical co-operation that it is for singers.


We would also like to thank the wonderful staff at Angus Audio. Mallory Carson and Cambridge Glee are proud to be longstanding clients of Angus Audio. Our Technical Director and the staff at Angus Audio determine each show’s sound design and equipment to best facilitate the performances requirements. It is important to hear every singers voice and still have enough safe room on the stage for movement. Therefore each performance presents it’s own set of challenges. We are very grateful for the generous and trustworthy collaboration with Angus Audio.


Visual Arts Collaborations

We know that our audiences come out to our shows for the music, but it wouldn’t be proper stage show without vibrant visuals! There are many talented local artists who collaborate in each stage production. Their work is credited in each performance’s program.

The Cambridge Glee Singer’s Stars, each with a current member’s name featured in it’s centre, were crafted by Jackie. Jackie is a talented artist and a proud parent of three Cambridge Glee singers! Tammy is another talented parent and we have her to thank for our wonderful show signs which adorn the stage blacks and parade floats! Since there are currently no costume fees, every prop and costume on the stage is credited to donation and arrangement by a few generous members of the Cambridge Glee Board of Directors.

The small sized, individual risers were built by Tony Bertoni and the large risers are generously provided by the Cambridge Community Players. The stage dressings unique to each performance rely on the contributions of our generous staff, parents, and sponsors. The makeup is intended to be age-appropriate stage makeup, often provided by the parents of the singers. When special-effects makeup is called for, we are pleased to credit Kiera W. and April Lecours.

Art Department 1Speaking of April Lecour, we have her to thank for a great many visual arts projects since Cambridge Glee’s first performance. The Cambridge Glee Rock December Show  2011 included a curtained umbrella tree that stood approx. 7ft. tall and could be collapsed and removed through the wings of the stage. Since then, April has shown a mastery of many create crafts. Her credits include: beautiful painted watery scenes on costume fabrics featured in Water’s Edge (2011), spray painted fire-scarves from Girl on Fire (Jammin’ June 2013), the ‘Priceless bling’ featured in Price Tag (Music in May 2012). There’s more to come, so get your tickets and see what the next show will bring!


Choral Collaboration!

Sound Revolution from Woodland Park Public School

Five minutes into a Sound Revolution rehearsal and it was clear that these talented students love their choir work. It was also obvious that Mrs. Skinkle loves it as much as they do! We are delighted to share our stage with them. They’re in it for the joy of making music and performing together.

Their choir is an auditioned choral group for students in grades 7 and 8 that rehearses during nutrition breaks twice a week.  In addition to singing at the public events in the community, they sing at many school assemblies, and concerts. Caitlin Curtis, B.Ed manages the choir and Kendra Skinkle, B.Ed, music teacher and Music Ed Specialist, directs Sound Revolution at Woodland Park.

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